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Topmount Sink Installation Vs Undermount Sink Installation


Topmount Sink InstallationVs Undermount Sink Installation

In kitchen and bathroom, there are two common sink installation methods: topmount and undermount. Whether it is for new house decoration or old house renovation, choosing the appropriate sink installation method is crucial. Topmount and undermount installations have differences in appearance and user experience.

Let's now explore the unique features of DALI kitchen sink's topmount and undermount installations.


The installation method of a sink affects its appearance and user experience. Among the different installation methods, topmount and undermount are two common approaches.


First, let's talk about the topmount installation. Topmount installation refers to placing the sink directly above the countertop, with the edges exposed. It allows for various shapes to be selected, as this installation method is simpler and more straightforward, without requiring any special countertop design. It is suitable for all types of countertops. Furthermore, the noticeable edge profile of a topmount sink can add a touch of unique style to the entire kitchen or bathroom space.

The corresponding installation method is the undermount installation. It refers to installing the sink underneath the countertop, with the edges perfectly hidden by the countertop. This installation mode has a more minimalistic and clean appearance, blending seamlessly with the countertop to create a smooth visual effect. Compared to topmount installation, cleaning and maintenance are more convenient with undermount installation because the sink's edges do not accumulate dust and dirt, making cleaning easier.

However, installing an undermount sink requires special countertop design, making it more complex compared to topmount installation. It is necessary to consider the sink type and countertop dimensions before the renovation.


Whether it is a topmount or undermount installation, choosing the appropriate installation method is crucial for the appearance and user experience of the sink.

A topmount sink offers more personalization, adding a unique touch to the kitchen or bathroom space. On the other hand, an undermount sink creates a cleaner and neater look for the entire space. Therefore, when selecting a kitchen sink, it is essential to consider various aspects such as personal preferences, practical needs, and countertop design. By doing so, you can choose the most suitable sink type to ensure the best user experience.

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