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Guide to Choosing Kitchen Sink Materials


Guide to Choosing Kitchen Sink Materials


With the development of the times, a variety of different sink materials have emerged on the market. Kitchen sinks on the market use multiple materials, each with its characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. Here are some common kitchen sink materials:


•Stainless Steel: Stainless steel sinks are one of the most common choices in daily life due to their durability, ease of cleaning, and reasonable price. Kitchen sinks produced by DALI are made of SUS 304 stainless steel material, which has excellent wear and corrosion resistance. DALI factory supports the customization of size and color, offering a variety of modern appearances that can match many kitchen styles, providing you with a good user experience.



•Quartz Composite: Quartz composite materials are made of quartz and resin, very hard and durable, with strong scratch resistance.

•Ceramic: Ceramic sinks have a smooth surface, are easy to clean, giving a traditional and classic feel. They are generally heavier and more fragile and require sturdy support.

•Granite Composite: Granite composite sinks are made of granite and resin, resistant to scratches, impacts, and with good heat resistance, offering a variety of natural colors.

When choosing a kitchen sink material, one should consider not only the overall aesthetic and personal preference but also durability, ease of maintenance, and budget. DALI factory has launched the 4082F stainless steel handmade sink, corrosion-resistant and easy to maintain, matched with PVD bronze patina color, perfectly matching your retro kitchen style. 

In daily life, SUS304 stainless steel material is more recommended, as this material is relatively affordable and can ensure your kitchen looks attractive, is highly practical, and durable.

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