DALI offers a diverse range of high-quality stainless steel bathroom products, including stainless steel vessel basins, stainless steel basin faucets, showers, bathroom accessories, as well as trendy PVD-colored bathroom products introduced in the past two years. All the models listed on the website are existing options that you can directly add to your wishlist. Alternatively, you can use them as a basis for DALI's customized design service to bring your desired products to life.


Here are some helpful tips:


1. Stainless Steel Vessel Basins:

DALI offers various styles of basins, including round and square basin types. You can customize them with eight different PVD colors and basin heights to add a personalized touch to your bathroom.
2. Stainless Steel Basin Faucets:

DALI provides a wide range of high-quality bathroom faucet series, including basin faucets, pull-out faucets, commercial faucets, thermostatic bathroom faucets, and bathtub faucets. Our faucets can be customized to match your basin perfectly.
3. Showers:

Our bathroom showerhead series includes different types such as adjustable showerheads, handheld showers, fixed showers, and showerhead accessories. They are all made of SUS304 stainless steel, enhancing your showering experience.

4. Bathroom Accessories:

DALI offers various series of bathroom accessories such as towel bars, paper holders, towel rings, etc. They are made of SUS304 stainless steel, ensuring safety and durability.

Advantages of DALI Bathroom Products:

1. Rich Product Line:

DALI provides a large-scale OEM and private label manufacturing service. Over the past 20 years, DALI's stainless steel kitchen and bathroom product line has gradually become mature and diversified, covering North America, Europe, Oceania, and Southeast Asian countries.
2. 304 Stainless Steel Materials:

DALI's bathroom products come in a wide variety of styles and are made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel. The raw materials are supplied by renowned POSCO steel company, which enjoys a high reputation in the industry for its high-quality steel products and advanced technology.
3.Independent PVD Factory:

DALI has its own independent PVD factory, offering eight color options for bathroom products, including black, rose gold, and gold. With PVD nano production line, DALI meets the demands of customers for quality and personalization.
4. Safety Certifications:

DALI's bathroom faucets have obtained certifications from various regions, such as Watermark certification in Australia, WRAS certification in the UK, and CUPC certification in North America.
5. Research And Development Innovation Design:

DALI has a professional R&D team and overseas design team dedicated to improving the practicality and multifunctionality of stainless steel kitchen and bathroom products. They have won 34 international design awards, including RED DOT AWARD, GERMAN DESIGN AWARD, IF DESIGN AWARD, and more.
6. Sound Quality Management System:

DALI has passed quality certifications such as SGS and UKAS, as well as factory audits such as BSCI, SGS, and Sedex. They are committed to providing customers and partners with excellent quality innovative products and professional business services.
7. One-stop Service:

DALI provides a one-stop solution for bathroom products and profitable market strategies. They collaborate with customers in different regional markets to create profitable market solutions and value together.