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The ideal Choice for Enhancing Kitchen Quality


The ideal Choice for Enhancing Kitchen Quality

In modern kitchens, the sink has become an indispensable tool. Whether it's cleaning kitchenware or washing ingredients, the kitchen sink plays an important role. 

DALI Kitchens and Bathrooms is dedicated to providing a diverse range of kitchen and bathroom products, including kitchen sinks, kitchen faucets, bathroom basins, and faucets. At the 2024 Shanghai KBC Exhibition, DALI launched a newly designed stainless steel handmade sink 4060F. This sink not only features smooth handmade lines but also showcases high-quality craftsmanship. Its appearance at the exhibition left a lasting impression with its exquisite design.


So, what makes the 4060F sink produced by the DALI factory so appealing?

  • It supports multiple installation methods including top-mount, flush-mount, and under-mount, providing you with more installation options and perfectly adapting to different kitchen layouts, showcasing great flexibility and practicality.

  • It fully considers the personalized needs of users, offering a full range of size options, allowing you to customize the sink size that fits your kitchen space. Additionally, DALI factory supports various PVD color customization including black, gunmetal,gold, and white, making your kitchen more colorful and stylish.

  • This 4060F PVD white sink emphasizes high quality and durability. It adopts advanced PVD coating technology, which not only makes the sink surface more durable and easy to clean but also gives it a unique gloss and texture, providing a unique visual enjoyment.

Choose the newly launched DALI PVD handmade sink 4060F to give your kitchen a fresh, new look. Whether in terms of aesthetics or practicality, this sink can be the ideal and indispensable choice for your kitchen. Let DALI bring you a more modern and minimalist kitchen experience, enhancing your quality of life!

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