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Refined Living Starts from the Kitchen


Refined Living Starts from the Kitchen


In modern home design, the kitchen is not only a place for family cooking but has also become a stage to showcase family taste and lifestyle. The sink, being one of the most frequently used kitchen tools, plays an undeniably important role. A high-quality and innovative sink not only enhances the overall beauty of the kitchen but also brings convenience and pleasure to daily use. Therefore, choosing a sink that matches the style of your kitchen and has complete functionality is an important step in creating an ideal kitchen environment.

Here, DALI introduces the pairing of the 2180S sink with the PF7226 pull-out faucet, offering you double the benefits in use. Additionally, customization is supported in terms of appearance dimensions, PVD colors, and surface treatments to meet your diverse decoration styles.


  • First and foremost, design and coordination: The 2180S utilizes fine craftsmanship with a top-mounted basin installation method, paired with the modern and minimalist design of the PF7226 pull-out faucet. Together, they create perfect harmony, bringing visual pleasure to your kitchen.

  • Corrosion resistance: Both the 2180S sink and the PF7226 pull-out faucet are made from high-quality 304 stainless steel, boasting excellent corrosion and wear resistance, guaranteeing stability and durability over long-term use.

  • Functionality and convenience:The 2180S sink has a moderate depth, designed as a double bowl with drainer, and is equipped with practical accessories such as wire baskets and chopping boards, making kitchen work more efficient and convenient.

Kitchen sinks and faucets are the perfect embodiment of functionality in the kitchen, meeting your daily kitchen work needs. DALI's 2180S kitchen sink paired with the PF7226 pull-out faucet perfectly blends elegance and practicality to bring an unparalleled upgrade experience to your kitchen.

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