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Decrypting DALI Faucet Factory's Professional Production Equipment


Decrypting DALI Faucet Factory's Professional Production Equipment


 In modern bathrooms, the bathroom faucet is an essential and important element of the tools used. It not only meets daily life needs but also provides a unique visual experience. To create excellent quality       bathroom faucet products, DALI relies on advanced production equipment and is committed to the meticulous production of every detail of the faucet. Our bathroom faucets include basin faucets, pull-out faucets,   commercial faucets, thermostatic faucets, bathtub faucets, and various other types to choose from.

 DALI kitchen faucets are produced using what kind of production equipment?



DALI Faucet Factory has professional bathroom faucet production equipment to ensure the production of high-quality faucet products:

1、4 drilling machines: Drilling machines are used to drill the inlet and outlet water ports, valve core holes, and threaded connections of the faucet body, ensuring smooth water flow and connectivity.

2、CNC machine tools: CNC machine tools are used to process the bottom and water outlet ends of the faucet.

3、Air tightness testing machine: The air tightness testing machine is used to test the sealing performance of the faucet, ensuring that the product does not leak water.

4、Manual Satining and brushing machine: The manual sanding and brushing machine is used to surface sand and polish the faucet, enhancing the product's texture and aesthetics.

5、Pipe bending machine: The pipe bending machine is used to bend the faucet fittings to meet design and installation requirements, ensuring the functionality and convenience of the faucet.

6、CNC punching and flanging machine: The CNC punching and flanging machine is mainly used for processing pipe main bodies. It punches and flanges the pipe to make it more solid and stable.

7、Laser welding machine and argon arc welding: The laser welding machine and argon arc welding machine are used to weld the key parts of the faucet, respectively, through automation and manual operation.

8、CNC machining center: The CNC machining center is used for drilling holes in bar material bodies or irregular castings. The difference from the drilling machine is that the CNC machining center can continuously produce finished products and has higher processing accuracy, ensuring good sealing and operability of the faucet.


Therefore, DALI Faucet Factory provides customers with high-quality bathroom faucet products with advanced professional production equipment. DALI faucets can help provide you with a long-lasting user experience and bring you a more comfortable living sensation. DALI welcomes you to visit our website for more information about our products.

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