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Dali Packaging, Efficient Protection, Complete Delivery


Dali Packaging, Efficient Protection, Complete Delivery


DALI's packaging workshop plays a crucial role in the sink production process. It is a dedicated area responsible for the packaging of sinks, committed to providing high-quality and reliable packaging for DALI sink products.


What roles does a qualified packaging workshop play for the products?

High-quality packaging ensures the safety of sink products during transportation. DALI's packaging workshop, through careful design and the use of professional packaging materials, effectively protects sinks from damage, scratches, or other external influences. This protection not only ensures the safety of the sinks during transportation and storage but also guarantees that customers can receive intact products when making a purchase.

Which machines does DALI rely on for reliable packaging?

DALI's workshop is equipped with multifunctional packaging machines and automated packaging production lines, along with sink packaging materials, to ensure high-quality packaging for the products.


Firstly, we have introduced multifunctional packaging machines. These advanced devices can adapt to different sizes and shapes of sinks, enabling fast and precise packaging. They possess various functions such as automatic packaging, box sealing, and label attachment, making the entire packaging process highly intelligent and efficient.

Additionally, our automated packaging production line is also a vital component of our packaging process. With the assistance of advanced conveyors and manual coordination, it can carry out packaging according to predefined procedures on the production line. This not only enhances production efficiency but also ensures packaging consistency and accuracy.

When it comes to packaging materials, DALI has relevant material solutions for different kitchen and bathroom products to meet various needs. Whether it's packaging bags, labels, or boxes, DALI uses high-quality materials to ensure optimal protection of the products during transportation and storage. At the same time, we adhere to international packaging standards to ensure that each package complies with relevant quality and safety requirements.


In order to better serve our customers, DALI also offers custom packaging options to support the customization of packaging for different markets, meeting specific market demands. Additionally, we can design and provide personalized packaging solutions according to customer requirements, making our sink products more competitive and appealing in the market.


Therefore, through the packaging machinery and automated packaging production lines in DALI's workshop, we are able to provide efficient and high-quality sink packaging. We ensure the safety and integrity of the sink products during the packaging process, meeting customers' pursuit of product quality.

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