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Installation Guide For DALI Topmount Sink


Installation Guide For DALI Topmount  Sink

DALI sinks support three installation methods: topmount, undermount, and flush mount. Customized installation options are also available to meet your specific requirements. Installing a stylish and practical topmount sink is an ideal choice for creating a modern kitchen or bathroom. Compared to traditional built-in sinks, topmount sinks offer a completely new experience in terms of appearance and functionality. In this article, DALI will provide you with detailed instructions and precautions for installing a topmount sink, helping you complete the installation process easily and enjoy a comfortable user experience. Whether you choose to install it yourself or seek assistance from professionals, the following installation guide will provide necessary guidance to ensure a smooth and successful installation process.

When installing a topmount sink, here are some common steps:

Step1. Please Confirm the Sink Size and Countertop Opening Size, and Mark them accordingly.

Step2. Secure the Clip Screws to the Edge of the Sink First.

Step3. Cut out the Countertop Opening according to the marked position.

Step4. Apply a moderate amount of sealant.

Step5. Gently place the sink into the countertop opening, ensuring a tight and snug fit.

Step6. Wipe off any excess sealant that has overflowed from the edges.

Step7. Finally, tighten the clips to securely fasten the sink.


When it comes to maintaining and installing topmount sinks, here are some important points to consider in order to ensure their proper functioning and longevity:

First, when installing a sink, it is important to use an appropriate amount of sealant to prevent water from seeping into the surrounding area. Second, pay attention to leveling the sink to ensure it is horizontal and vertical. Additionally, make sure there is enough space to accommodate the sink before installation. Lastly, if more complex maintenance or repair work is required, it is advisable to consult professional sink installation and repair technicians to ensure proper handling and avoid further damage.

By following the maintenance and installation precautions outlined above, you can ensure the proper functioning and extended lifespan of your countertop sink. Additionally, sinks are an important component of kitchens, and proper maintenance and installation are key to maintaining their functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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