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Dali Offers Customized Surface Treatments For Pressed Sinks


Dali Offers Customized Surface Treatments For Pressed Sinks

What are the production processes of DALI pressed sinks? It is mainly completed from corner punching, pressing, secondary pressing, cutting edge ,folding edge, overlapping, surface treatment, punch waste hole, pasting shockproof plates, punching tap holes to inspection, cleaning, powder coating, and packaging. In this article, we will introduce the surface treatment process of DALI in detail.


When we talk about finishes, DALI has several common ways to perfect a product.


Firstly, there is polishing. It removes flaws and impurities from the surface, resulting in an exceptionally smooth surface that reflects a dazzling shine.


Next is new silk finish. It creates a soft and textured surface effect through special techniques.


There is also silk finish, which involves creating uniform and textured fine lines on the surface of stainless steel sinks using steel brushes or other tools. This treatment gives the product a unique appearance, enhancing its aesthetics and texture.


The brushing treatment is more pronounced and prominent than the silk finish. It can be achieved mechanically, creating distinct textures on the surface of nickel products, giving rise to a unique metallic texture.


In addition, PVD coating is another commonly used surface treatment method. It utilizes physical vapor deposition technology to form a uniform and dense thin film on the product's surface. This coating can provide different characteristics such as color, hardness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, enhancing the functionality and appearance of the product.


Furthermore, there is nano PVD technology, which incorporates nanoscale particles into the PVD coating. By controlling the thickness and composition of the film, nanoparticles are embedded into the coating, resulting in higher hardness, better wear resistance, and scratch resistance.


By choosing suitable surface treatment methods, DALI can give products a variety of appearance effects and performance characteristics, making them unique and outstanding. Surface treatment is an important aspect in enhancing product quality and competitiveness, whether it is for household items, automotive components, or decorative pieces.

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