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What Are The Quality Inspection Steps For Kitchen Sinks?


What Are The Quality Inspection Steps For Kitchen Sinks?


Quality inspection after the completion of the kitchen sink is an important step to ensure that the product meets the standards and customer requirements. The quality inspection process involves multiple aspects such as appearance, surface treatment, texture, accessories, and paint adhesion.


Firstly, there is the visual inspection: One of the quality inspection steps for DALI sinks after completion is the visual inspection. This includes confirming if the outer diameter dimensions of the sink are consistent with the drawing specifications, if the basin dimensions match the drawing, and measuring the size and position of the drain pipe to ensure compliance with hardness requirements.



Secondly, there is the surface treatment inspection: Confirming if the surface treatment matches the customer's requirements, checking the roughness of the four welding seams, ensuring consistency of surface patterns without any variations.


Thirdly, there is the inspection of the sink's touch sensation: Observing the edges, drain holes, and panel holes for burrs or sharp edges to ensure product safety.



Fourthly, there is the inspection of accessories: Checking if all the accessories are complete and ensuring correct installation and provision of all necessary components.


Lastly, there is the observation of paint adhesion: Examining if there is any paint peeling off, confirming the absence of any issues related to paint adhesion.


For special PVD surface treatments, special attention should be paid to observe whether the color is uniform during the quality inspection process. If any unevenness is detected, reprocessing is required to ensure that the appearance quality of the sink meets the requirements.


In summary, the quality inspection of the kitchen sink after completion is consistently conducted by DALI according to the strictest standards. From material arrival to warehouse storage, quality control is implemented throughout the entire process, aiming to provide customers with products that come with quality assurance and ensure that the product quality meets the expected standards.

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