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DALI Kitchen and Bathroom Engage in Close Communication at the KBC in Shanghai


DALI Kitchen and Bathroom engage in close communication at the KBC in Shanghai


DALI has a 25-year history of development, focusing on the research, design, manufacturing, sales, and service of kitchen and bathroom products, providing customers with a one-stop solution for stainless steel kitchen and bathroom products. We have advantages such as our own custom mold factory and overseas design team.

At the same time, we have established a comprehensive B2B operation system and adopted business models such as OEM, ODM, and IDM, ensuring to provide customers with high-value and one-stop supply and service of kitchen and bathroom products.

In addition, DALI also has its own mold factory, providing customers with cost-effective internal mold production.


By participating in exhibitions such as the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Expo, DALI actively engages in various kitchen and bathroom industry exhibitions, which are important platforms to showcase our latest products and technologies to esteemed customers.

Through product demonstrations at the exhibitions, customers can personally touch, experience, and learn about DALI's products, thereby gaining a better understanding of the quality, functions, and innovations of the products. Our professional sales staff assists customers on-site to understand the product features, advantages, and applications, helping customers make informed assessments and choose DALI's kitchen and bathroom products wisely.

By participating in the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Expo, DALI establishes close connections with professional buyers and industry partners, listens to customer needs and feedback, further enhances product quality and service satisfaction. The exhibition also provides a platform for kitchen and bathroom companies to showcase product features and advantages, engage in direct communication with customers, gather market feedback, and potentially achieve orders or collaborations.

Furthermore, the exhibition helps DALI expand into broader markets, strengthen cooperation and trust with customers, and enhance brand visibility and market competitiveness.

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