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DALI Thailand Factory Opens


DALI Thailand Factory Opens

DALI has a production history of 25 years in kitchen and bathroom products, and possesses substantial factory strength. The company is committed to providing high-quality kitchen and bathroom products, with its own mold factory and a focus on technological innovation and independent research and development. In order to better meet global market demands, DALI established a new production factory in Thailand in 2023.

DALI's Thailand factory adheres to the high-quality standards and exquisite craftsmanship of DALI's China factory, setting the standard for producing high-quality kitchen and bathroom products. The scale and production capacity of the Thailand factory will provide DALI with greater production capacity. At the same time, the Thailand factory will follow DALI's environmental protection philosophy, implementing various sustainable development measures including energy conservation, emissions reduction, and resource recycling to minimize its environmental impact. We will ensure that the factory's operations comply with international standards and consistently strive to provide green and environmentally friendly products to our customers.


The Thailand factory brings many advantages for overseas customers. Firstly, as a subsidiary factory, the Thailand factory enables DALI to better respond to overseas market demands, shorten delivery times, and improve the flexibility of the supply chain. Secondly, Thailand's convenient export conditions, being located in Southeast Asia, will help DALI expand into a broader overseas market. Most importantly, the Thailand factory upholds DALI's consistent high-quality standards, providing products that meet international standards at more competitive prices to meet the needs of customers. These advantages allow more overseas customers to enjoy DALI's high-quality products and services.

In terms of equipment and production lines at the Thailand factory, DALI has invested a considerable amount of resources and effort, introducing advanced production equipment and manufacturing technology. Equipped with efficient production lines and stringent quality control processes, the factory ensures high product quality and consistency. Additionally, the Thailand factory has a professional team with extensive experience and technical expertise to provide efficient production management and high-quality customer service.

The establishment of the new Thailand factory is an important milestone in DALI's development. By setting up the Thailand factory, DALI has further enhanced its production capacity and global service capabilities. We will continue to work tirelessly to provide customers with outstanding kitchen and bathroom products, creating greater value for customers with broader market coverage and more efficient delivery capabilities.

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