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2024 KBC, Exploring Future Kitchen and Bathroom Trends


2024 KBC, Exploring Future Kitchen and Bathroom Trends

The Shanghai KBC 2024, known as China Kitchen & Bath, is Asia's foremost and most influential professional exhibition in the kitchen and bathroom industry. The exhibition is dedicated to providing a vast platform for showcasing and exchanging building materials, kitchen appliances, and bathroom fittings from around the world. This edition of KBC brings together cutting-edge design philosophies, innovative technologies, and products from both domestic and international markets, with the goal of facilitating industry communication, advancing technology, and accelerating market development.

On May 14th, the grand KBC exhibition unfolded, and DALI Kitchen & Bath Technology Co., Ltd. made a spectacular appearance among many eye-catching exhibits. At booth N2C26, DALI displayed its newest line of sinks and faucets, attracting a throng of visitors on the opening day.


So, what noteworthy new kitchen and bathroom products has DALI brought this time? Let's find out:

1.They have launched a new all-in-one stainless steel countertop basin;

2.Introduced a one-stop solution incorporating a stainless steel square basin with a rack;

3.Presented a series of PVD color options to accommodate different styles;

4.Showcased a range of PVD bathroom showers.


The innovative kitchen and bathroom products introduced by DALI at the exhibition, with their unique design innovations and excellent craftsmanship, have garnered attention and praise from many attendees. If you are interested in our products and would like to know more details or technical specifications, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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