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Find Your Perfect Match In The DALI Shower Series


Find Your Perfect Match In The Dali Shower Series


Today, shower sets have become an essential part of modern home bathrooms. They not only provide necessary functions for our daily cleaning but also increase the bathroom's aesthetic appeal and comfort through different designs. Shower sets come in a wide variety, each with its unique design and features to meet the needs of various users.

Here, we will introduce the roles of shower sets and a few common types.

Specifically, built-in showers and exposed showers: these two types of showers mainly differ in their installation methods and exterior designs.

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Built-in showers: Most of their parts are hidden inside the wall, with only the showerhead visible. This design creates a neater bathroom appearance and saves space, suitable for users who pursue a simple and modern style. For example, DALI's built-in PSGHWF21 shower set is designed to be both simple and versatile.

Exposed showers: All parts, including pipes and showerheads, are mounted outside the wall, making installation and maintenance relatively easy and suitable for most households, especially those that require frequent repositioning. The DALI PSGHWF09 is an exposed shower design featuring a top spray and a showerhead with handheld, using an integrated design to save space and provide a comprehensive showering experience.

Whether you choose a built-in shower or an exposed shower, you should choose according to your actual needs and the decoration style of the bathroom. Each type of DALI bathroom showerheads has its own unique functions. Make a reasonable choice to make your bathing experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

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