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Installation Tips For Kitchen Sink Strainer


Installation Tips For Kitchen Sink Strainer


The kitchen sink is equipped with an important but often overlooked component - the stainless steel strainer. Although it may seem inconspicuous, it plays a crucial role in the kitchen sink.

What functions does the kitchen sink strainer serve in the sink?

The kitchen sink strainer, located beneath the kitchen sink, is primarily used for the drainage and disposal of wastewater. When we wash food or utensils in the sink, the wastewater flows into the strainer through the drainpipe. It guides the wastewater out of the sink and captures solid residues in its filter, preventing them from entering the drainage pipe and causing blockages.


Why is a kitchen sink strainer so important?

Firstly, it helps to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the sink.

Secondly, the sink strainer plays a role in preventing the spread of odors.

Additionally, modern sink strainers come with practical features such as an attached drain strainer, which effectively filters out residue and particles from the sink, reducing the accumulation of dirt in the pipes.



What are some tips for installing a kitchen sink strainer from DALI?

Step 1: Install the plastic body and rubber gasket. Place the rubber gasket at the bottom of the plastic body and insert the plastic body into the drain pipe opening, ensuring a tight seal with the rubber gasket to prevent leakage.

Step 2: Place the stainless steel body above the plastic body.

Step 3: Secure the plastic body and stainless steel body with a nut. Use the provided nut to firmly connect the plastic body and stainless steel body to avoid looseness.

Step 4: Place the strainer. On top of the installed strainer, place a properly sized strainer.

Step 5: Tighten the rigid pipe with a washer onto the plastic body. Insert the rigid pipe into the outlet of the strainer and secure it with the provided washer.


By following the steps of "placing, installing, securing, and tightening" you can easily install a kitchen sink strainer. It is important to ensure that each connection point is secure and properly sealed during installation.

By following the instructions provided in DALI's product manual, you will be able to effectively utilize the kitchen sink strainer to maintain cleanliness in your kitchen and prevent issues such as blockages and leaks.

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