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How To Easily Install An Undermount Sink For The Kitchen


How To Easily Install An Undermount Sink For The Kitchen

When choosing a suitable sink, the installation method is an essential factor to consider. The installation method of the sink directly affects the overall aesthetics and practicality of the kitchen or bathroom. Here are several common installation methods:


First is the topmount installation. Simple, quick, and convenient for cleaning and maintenance, this method involves placing the sink on the countertop, with the edges flush with the surface.

Next is the undermount installation, also known as an inset installation. This method allows the sink to be completely embedded beneath the countertop, with only the interior of the sink visible.

Lastly, there is the flushmount installation. In this installation method, the sink is installed at the same level as the countertop. Typically, the position of the sink is determined on the countertop based on its dimensions, and the appropriate tools are used to cut the countertop material to fit the sink installation hole.



Below is a brief introduction to DALI's specific steps for installing an undermount kitchen sink:

1、Preparation: confirm if the sink dimensions match the countertop opening, ensuring there is adequate installation space.

2、Measure and mark the position: On the backside of the countertop, use a pencil to measure and mark the installation position based on the sink's dimensions and shape.

3、Cut the opening: Use a jigsaw to cut out the countertop opening according to the marked position. Pay attention to precise cutting based on the sink's shape and size to ensure the sink can be fully embedded.

4、Drill and install: Flip the countertop over and drill holes at the marked positions. Then, secure the clamp brackets of the base onto the countertop.

5、Sealant application: Apply an appropriate amount of sealant on the contact area between the sink and the countertop.

6、Sink installation: gently place the sink into the kitchen countertop opening, ensuring a tight fit. Use a screwdriver and the provided screws to secure the sink onto the brackets.


Regardless of the installation method you choose, it is important to ensure that the kitchen sink is securely and stably installed and complies with relevant safety and sanitary standards.

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