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Dali Wows At Shanghai KBC , With A Stunning First-Day Finale


Dali Wows At Shanghai KBC , With A Stunning First-Day Finale

The highly anticipated KBC Expo has finally kicked off in Shanghai in 2023, and DALI, one of the exhibitors, is showcasing their latest products at booth N2C26. The highlight of DALI's exhibition is their PVD Sink and faucet, which stands out among the many kitchen and bathroom products due to its various color options. Additionally, DALI's other smart faucets have garnered attention and admiration from many visitors.


Throughout the first day of the expo, DALI's sales team has been busy providing professional introductions and solutions for visitors. Apart from offering high-end stainless steel sinks and outdoor cabinets, DALI is committed to developing smart kitchen and bathroom products that meet the increasingly demanding needs of consumers.



DALI's smart water purifying faucet, NFC non-contact recognition technology smart kitchen faucet, and PVD Sink and faucet in various colors are among the most sought-after products at the exhibition. These products use advanced technology to improve convenience and provide users with attentive services, demonstrating DALI's strength and innovation in technology.


We focus on providing exceptional performance and user experience. DALI's outdoor kitchen cabinets are designed to be both stylish and practical, providing large storage space and withstanding harsh weather conditions, allowing users to enjoy a high-quality kitchen experience outdoors.


DALI's core competitiveness lies in its excellent quality, innovative concepts, and leading technologies. DALI products have multiple technology patents, such as the Gold Plated Sink with superior wear resistance and corrosion resistance, while also enhancing the product's antibacterial properties.


Many visitors have expressed admiration and appreciation for DALI's products. Some have said, "DALI's products look very high-end and are also very practical." Others have stated, "DALI's smart water purifying faucet is really intelligent and easy to use, and the design is also very impressive."



In the future, DALI will continue to delve deeper into the kitchen and bathroom fields, launching more intelligent and personalized home products, continuously improving product technology and brand image, and providing consumers with a more comfortable, convenient, and healthy living experience. If you want to experience the latest in kitchen and home design and technology, we sincerely invite you to visit DALI's N2C26 booth during the remaining exhibition period, where we will provide you with attentive service.

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