Overall dimension: 490 x 440 x 180mm

Big bowl dimension: 450 x 400mm

Minimum cabinet: 600mm

Thickness: 1.0mm

Tech: Welding



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Deep stainless stell sink is designed with R-type large space safety. contact DALI to learn methord of flush mount sink installation. It's a great match for high quality induction and ceramic cooktops and features an integrated overflow.


If you want to create a kitchen that will turn heads and help your cooking, our Stainless Steel Flush Mount Kitchen Sink is just right for you.

1.Cost-effective. This sink's perfect for any application that needs high quality reliable sink without breaking the bank.

2.Hand cut. Will not chip, corrode, crack or break . It offers homeowners a modern, clean, simplified version of the flush mount sink style.

3.Fashion. Features a long-lasting satin finish. Various PVD color options available, helping you design a modern kitchen.

1.Rich experience: The flush mount sink's process requirements are strict. Many manufacturers are unable to produce due to the lack of sufficient tonnage production equipment and inspection equipment, while Zhuhai DALI can meet customers' strict requirements because we have rich production experience, large tonnage production equipment, and precise testing standards.

2.Customized options: Zhuhai DALI is well-known in the industry for customizing high-quality products. We support the customization options for different styles, such as single basin and double basin embedded sinks. We have many ready-made molds and equipment to provide supports, so that let Customers make their differentiated business successful at the most affordable price.

3.PVD color options: Zhuhai DALI owns PVD factory in China, providing customers with different colors, such as gold, rose gold, gray, black and other colors with a matte texture, making the kitchen countertop more vivid.


4.Packaging Delivery: Zhuhai DALI provides various packaging choices for products, such as packaging individually or stacking togeither, in common or custom-colored cartons.

Just tell us the packaging method for the sink products you want. Then we can provide you with a satisfied packaging and delivery solution.

5.Faucet products: Zhuhai DALI also has its faucet factory. Various faucet types support a one-stop solution for your kitchen sink. OEM/ODM service is available.

Dali current have the manufacturing facility to produce our range of kitchen sinks and faucets which has an undercover area of more than 100,000 ㎡, and more than 570 employees, with annual capacity in excess of 2 million pieces of various sinks and 0.6 million pieces of faucets. Dali also have their own tooling factory to provide our clients with cost effective and efficient in-house tooling production.


We have built a complete "To B" operation system and running OEM, ODM, IDM business model, adhere to provide customers with high-value and one-stop supply and service of kitchen & bathroom products.


01 Inquiry

02 Confirm Product Specification

03 Quotation

04 Sample Confirmation

05 Negotiation & Contract

06 Payment

07 Processing & Production

08 Delivery & Follow-up Service


01 Inquiry

02 Providing Product Proposal

03 Confirm Product Specification

04 Negotiation & Contract

05 Payment

06 Tooling

07 Sample Confirmation

08 Mass Production

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Zhuhai Dali provide 3 different tech-made types kitchen sink for customization solution, there are topmount sinkundermount sink and handmade sink. Large models of them is available installed as undermount, drop-in and farmhouse stainless steel sink varieties.


With the certification of ISO14000 & ISO9000 passing , a 100,000 ㎡ DALI sink factory build in Zhuhai, China. 

SUS304 Sheet Metal Certificate

ISO 14001:2015 Certificate

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

We focus on North America market, European market, Asia market, Australia market in 23 years. All of our sink exported to more than 70 areas and countries all over the world can pass the certificates , such like CE, cUPC, Watermark.

Q1: Are There Different Types of Flush Mount Kitchen Sink?

A1: As with any sink variety, there are different brands and manufacturers that will design variations on the standard look of a flush mount sink, as well as using different materials in making them. So, a lot of your decisions will simply come down to personal preference, as long as you’re buying from a reliable manufacturer like DALI.

Q2: Are There Practical Benefits to Flush Mount Kitchen Sinks?

A2: Absolutely! After all, with no barrier between the countertop and the sink itself, any mess or food crumbs can simply be wiped directly into the sink with little to no effort required. Read tips of Care & Clean Kitchen Sink.

Q3: Which Worktops Allow Flushmount Instation?

A3: We recommend worktops made of the following materials for flushmount sink installation:Granite, Artificial stone, Ceran, Glass, Mineral materials

Q4: How do I install a flush mount sink?

A4: It is recommended to have this done by a professional,  as it’s the most complicated option of the sink. The countertop and sink all end up being one giant unit, which is a task that will prove to be exceedingly difficult for an amateur renovator.

Q5: Are flush mount sinks expensive?

A5: Yes, they are the most expensive option as they can only be custom ordered. But in DALI, you can get factory price for our quality price.

Q6: Can you flush mount an undermount sink?

A6: The flush-mounted countertop is the best choice for those who want to keep their kitchen looking clean and neat. It provides an even edge with no gaps or cracks that can be seen from any angle, making it difficult for mold and mildew stains to grow unnoticed underneath your new surface!

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