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Company Profile


Zhuhai DALI Kitchen & Bathroom Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, has been dedicated to the research, design, manufacturing, sales, and service of kitchen and bathroom products for the past 26 years. We provide comprehensive stainless steel kitchen and bathroom product solutions. With a well-established B2B operation system, we operate in OEM, ODM, and IDM business models, committed to offering customers high-value and all-in-one supply and service for kitchen and bathroom products.In recent years, DALI has consistently pursued a market-oriented approach and customer-centric philosophy, striving to become a global expert in stainless steel kitchen and bathroom product solutions. We are committed to enhancing our professional R&D capabilities, improving our quality system, and implementing lean production processes. As a result, DALI has gained recognition and trust from customers in over 70 countries worldwide.

In 2023, DALI Kitchen & Bathroom (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is established to expanding DALI oversea business. Our primary focus is serving overseas clients, aiming to meet the needs with high-quality products produced by DALI.
Located at 500/147 Moo 3, Tasith Sub-district, Pluakdaeng District, Rayong Province, Thailand , Equipped with advanced sink production equipment, such as large-scale automated punching machinery, surface treatment equipment, and product testing devices, DALl (Thailand) provide strong support for efficient and high-quality production. Also, the Top technical and management talents have been assigned to the Thailand factory to ensure rapid development of all production and management processes.
In the future, DALI Thailand will continue to enrich the product line and leverage local advantages to enhance our production capabilities and overseas service. We are committed to maintaining a high level of quality and excellence, continuing to script the legend of being an industry leader in stainless steel kitchen and bath products.


DALI - Global Stainless Steel

Kitchen and Bathroom Product Solution Expert.


Monthly Capacity

Sink:120-250 thousand PCS

Faucet: 80 thousand PCS



POSCO Stainless Steel 304



100000 Square Meters
570 employees



Professioal and Experienced R&D Team Custom Design Solution


DALI Advantages

Stainless Steel Surface Treatment

DALI has 7 kind of standard finish treatment to meet the customer requirement from all over the world.

PVD Surface Treatment PVD

4000 square meter PVD dust-free workshop with 4 high-specification PVD equipments and 2 automatic cleaning lines to provide 8 PVD colors for achieving the high-standard customer requirements and diversified market demands.

Nano Surface Treatment

2021, DALI introduced automatic Nano surface treatment production line to provide our clients with more healthy, environmental friendly and durable surface treatment solutions.

What Can We Do?


High-Profit Solutions and Precision Design Development

We provide exclusive innovative and highly efficient solutions that align with global trends.
Our comprehensive support covers the entire process from product development to matured implementation and production.


Global Production Lines and Prominent Brand OEM Manufacturing

Offering a comprehensive and mature range of kitchen and bathroom products for the global market.
Providing large-scale OEM manufacturing services for renowned brands, ensuring top-quality private labeling.


One-Stop Product Solutions and Professional Market Profit Plans

Providing a comprehensive solution of stainless steel kitchen and bathroom products.
Offering exclusive profit-oriented sales plans for our partners.

Why Can We Do?


International Design Awards and Patents

The works designed by the global design team of our group have won consecutive awards for 20 years. So far, we have received 34 international design awards, including the RED DOT AWARD, GERMAN DESIGN AWARD, IF DESIGN AWARD, and more.
DALI's professional R&D team is dedicated to improving the practicality and versatility of stainless steel kitchen and bathroom products. We hold large-scale product launch events every quarter to continuously enhance our research and development of products and features. We have accumulated over 300 design/invention patents, placing us at the forefront of the industry.


Rich Product Line Accumulation and Strong Product Supply Capability

For over 20 years, DALI's stainless steel kitchen and bathroom product line has been gradually perfected and matured. Our extensive product line already covers North America, Europe, Oceania, and Southeast Asian countries.
DALI has nine production bases, utilizing semi-automated and automated production lines to enhance manufacturing efficiency and reduce labor costs.
With our own mold factory, DALI can manufacture stainless steel kitchen and bathroom products with high precision, saving time and reducing external cost investment. Meanwhile, our PVD factory provides vibrant color surfaces through non-chemical processes, offering the most robust assistance for product differentiation.

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Dedication and Experienced Dali Team Deeply Rooted in the Industry

Since 1998, from mold manufacturing to the birth of our first sink, DALI has grown steadily on this dream-filled land, producing stainless steel faucets, showerheads, basin faucets, basins, bathroom accessories, and shower enclosures. DALI has truly shifted from a single product category to a comprehensive range of products in cooperation with our partners.
DALI is organized into five major departments: R&D and Design, Quality Management, Production and Manufacturing, Order Fulfillment, and Customer Sales. We are committed to providing direct and efficient solutions to meet customer needs. We collaborate with customers to create profitable market strategies for different regional markets and jointly create value.