European Style Sinks

Dali's European style sink includes a pressing sink & handmade sink.


The pressing sink: Through pressing and stretching a whole stainless steel sheet with the mold by the machine. The bottom and edges of the sink will be appropriately thinned.


The handmade sinks: It is made by cutting, bending, and laser welding steel plates, which will not change the steel plate's thickness at the edges. It has a strong and powerful look and feels, with a full sense of line and heavier weight You can customize the handmade sink what you need by choosing the number of bowls, the installation style, and the corner radius.


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Step 1 - Choose Product Type

Single Sink
Single-bowl sinks can be divided into big single bowls and small single bowls. Single bowl sinks are perfect for keeping things simple and maximizing wash space for large pots and pans. 


Double Sink

Double bowl sinks can also be divided into large and small double bowl sinks. Flume can satisfy functional division. A basin is washed rinse basin is drained. Double bowl sinks are a great solution for users who want two basins for simultaneous use.


With Drainer Board
Drainboard sinks are the perfect solution to containing water or food particles within your sink while washing, cleaning, and prepping. This type of sink makes it easy to drain water after washing dishes and food. 

Step 3 - Choose Corner Radius

Dali's European-style sinks include pressing sinks and hand-made sinks, respectively. We can provide customized sinks with a variety of fillet sizes that meet your standards.


At present, we are available the corner radius of the handmade sink is R0, R5, R10 for your choice. You can choose one of these for your fillet size. We will serve you as soon as possible.


If you have other fillet size requirements, please contact us immediately, we will give you a customized solution.

Step 4 - Choose Different Surface Treatment


Dali uses a polishing wheel as a polishing tool to finish the sink's surface to achieve a smooth surface or mirror-like finish. When polishing, the high-speed rotating polishing wheel (the circumferential speed is more than 20 m/s) presses to the workpiece. The abrasive produces rolling and micro-cutting on the workpiece to obtain a bright machined surface.



Dali uses wire drawing equipment to draw repeatedly on the surface of the sink, thus creating a high-quality sink that is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easy to take care of. Visually, the sink looks softer. From the function, only need to use the cloth to wipe can purify surface oily.




Dali uses PVD processing technology to create different stainless steel sinks to make the kitchen even more distinctive. In the pretreatment of coating, the environmental protection metal cleaning agent is used to degrease and degrease the workpiece's surface. After drying, the workpiece is put into the vacuum chamber for PVD chromium plating treatment. The production process does not produce toxic or polluting substances.

Why Choose Dali

Design for Manufacturability

We believe, in order to design and produce high-quality products, we need to find the right combination of form, function, quality, and affordability. Our design, engineering, and production teams need to find the right balance of all of these at the beginning of the development process in order to be our customers' requirements.


Whether you are a distributor looking for a new brand or a brand looking for a producer we have the in-house capabilities to meet your specific needs. We provide turnkey solutions including industrial design, engineering, manufacturing, and product testing and certification.

Quality Control

Is ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management and ISO 14000 certified for Environmental Management. We are People and Plant Positive; we believe that it's the quality of our people that makes us different from the others and we believe that it is our responsibility to protect and improve the environment that we work and live in.