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DALI's Customized Sink Service


DALI's customized sink service


DALI Kitchen & Bath is an integrated industry and trade company, dedicated to providing comprehensive customized services. We offer OEM/ODM services and possess independent factories for sinks and faucets, specializing in products such as sinks, faucets, and shower heads. We understand that each customer's needs are unique, hence, our services start from personalized design to production, followed by strict quality control, ensuring that high-standard products meet the specific requirements of every customer.

With the rise of personalized lifestyles, consumers are increasingly hoping that sinks and faucets can reflect their individuality. This is not only reflected in the choice of color and material, but also includes the shape, size, and design style of the sinks and faucets. Modern consumers are not only pursuing functionality, but placing greater emphasis on design sensibility that can harmonize with their home environment.


The customization process for sinks typically includes the following key steps:

1.Requirement Communication

Customers express their sink usage requirements and personal preferences to designers or sales representatives. During this phase, customers can specify unique functional requirements, such as multi-functional Workstation sinks, Apron Front Sinks, cutting boards, strainers, etc.

2.Design and Scheme Formulation

Based on customer's requirements, designers provide a sink design scheme, which could include features like the shape, size, installation method, material, color, and extra functions of the sink.

3.Confirmation of Design Details

Details of the design scheme are refined, such as the edge processing of the sink, the position of the drain hole, and the structure design underneath the sink. After all the design details have been confirmed, the final design drawing is set.

4.Manufacturing and Processing

The sink is produced according to the confirmed design drawings.

DALI Company persists in technological innovation and in enhancing its research and development capabilities, committed to developing innovative products that meet market needs. It aims to provide consumers with satisfactory kitchen and bath products and services, thereby improving consumers' quality of life and user experience.

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